The Journey Is All There Is

Detachment is the only way forward

Mark Cutts
3 min readNov 24, 2021


Photo by Sensei Minimal on Unsplash

It’s the journey that’s important. Not the destination. Not the outcome.

In 1969, Donald Crowhurst, an English businessman and amateur sailor, set out to win the first non-stop, single-handed, round the world yacht race, in a boat he knew wasn’t up to the task.

Loaded with debt, his house staked on success in the race, he had to set sail, and he had to win.

When it looked as though he couldn’t possibly do so, he began to send false reports that he was further ahead than he actually was. Much further. In fact, he “fooled the world into believing he was completing the fastest non-stop solo circumnavigation of the globe.”

Until his boat was found, empty and adrift in the Atlantic.

Bernard Moitessier was in the same race.

Moitessier was a French sailor, writer, and free spirit. The picture on his Wikipedia page shows him in full lotus position, meditating on his boat.

Moitessier had no need to lie about his position in the race. With the fastest circumnavigation time towards the end of the race, [he] was the likely winner for the fastest voyage.

But a change in the weather helped him make a famous decision.

“[h]e elected to continue on to Tahiti and not return to the start line in England, rejecting the idea of the commercialization of long distance sailing.

In a nice little added detail, he sent a message to a passing boat by slingshot, saying he would continue on his own course, “because I am happy at sea and perhaps to save my soul.

He sailed on, and, despite not being in the race, circumnavigated the globe almost twice.

Same race, two different journeys

  • One man intent on not failing. The other, enjoying the journey.
  • One man wracked and tormented. The other, peaceful.
  • One man pretending he was further ahead than he was. The other, exactly where he wanted to be, at all times.



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